About Us




Founded in 2006, PixelBlitz is a full-service web design firm based in Sydney, Australia. We are a friendly, highly focused and creative team that is committed to providing strategic, reliable and secure solutions for our clients.


Our Mission:

To deliver innovative, cost-effective and reliable website solutions which drive the growth of small and medium-sized Australian businesses. Utilising industry-leading technologies and time-tested strategies, we help you achieve and surpass your business goals.


Our Philosophy:

We believe in designing highly-effective web solutions to enhance your online presence.
Our core principles are based on three main tenets:

  • Usability
  • Simplicity
  • Elegance of design

Backed with unparalleled support and advice, we are not just service providers: we are partners.


Our Services:

With our comprehensive range of services and products, we guarantee to maximise your business’ online potential. PixelBlitz offers high-quality web design, web development, SEO techniques and advertising packages. We also offer domain purchasing, website hosting and e-commerce solutions. Whether you’re not sure where to start, or looking for specific help – we’ve got you covered.